Author: Russell W. F. Lai

Lattice-based SNARKs from kRISIS of Knowledge

Our paper, Lattice-Based SNARKs: Publicly Verifiable, Preprocessing, and Recursively Composable, together with Martin R. Albrecht, Valerio Cini, Giulio Malavolta and Sri AravindaKrish-nan Thyagarajan will be presented at CRYPTO’22. There, we build what is suggested in the title based on new families of lattice-based assumptions which we call -Ring Inhomogeneous Short Integer Solution (k-R-ISIS) and their […]

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Seascape of SNARKs

There are a lot of constructions of succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge out there, even after filtering out those which are publicly verifiable and support proving unstructured languages such as Boolean or arithmetic circuit satisfiability (circuit-SAT) or rank-1 constraint satisfiability (R1CS). The table below is a quick, not necessarily accurate, summary of what is available […]

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Subtractive Sets over Cyclotomic Rings

This post hopefully makes reading this paper easier. Motivation In group-based cryptography, we often find ourselves working over the ring where is most often a prime or a product of a few large primes (in the setting of composite-order groups). Either way, most elements in the ring are invertible — a fact that is quite […]

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